awesomated: October 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Hereby Submit my Petition

...that "All the Fools Sailed Away" from Dio be added to Rock Band 3 at Harmonix's earliest convenience due to the fact that it has the most bitchin' keyboard solo ever.

The undersigned.

World's Greatest Cover Band Tutorial: Pro Mode in Rock Band 3

Expect to hear a lot of Rock Band 3's soundtrack being hammered out on guitars, keyboards and drums at music stores around the country.

Last night, after achieving a 4 star run in "The Power of Love" using Rock Band 3's new Pro Keys mode on Expert, I put down the game's plastic keyboard, walked to the very real piano in my kitchen and played the same chords.

It was no small thrill to confirm that the notes were the real deal - there I was, playing "The Power of Love", in all its pop glory, with nary a page of sheet music in sight.

If you're itching to learn how to play some of rock's biggest tunes (and have time to devote some serious practice*), Rock Band 3's Pro Mode delivers the goods. It isn't a marketing gimmick or hype.

*Disclaimer - I've got 7 years of piano lessons under my belt, so I was able to jump in at the higher difficulty levels with little trouble. It's still no cakewalk, though.